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Trusting Handy Gonzo’s Home Improvement’s Building Process: The Masters of Remodeling

Every home improvement or remodeling project requires a careful process that goes beyond the basics and requires the professionalism and mastery of your home contractors. The procedures in home remodeling, whether it is building a home addition or kitchen remodeling in Colleyville, TX, start from evaluation, design, and planning to demolition, rebuilding or framing, fixing or rerouting systems (mechanicals, HVAC, electrical, plumbing), walls, flooring, furniture, and final touches.

Evaluation, Design, and Planning

Every plan starts with a thorough evaluation and careful design and planning. Your home contractors do not simply build without taking into account factors that may obstruct or impact your interests. This step includes setting your budget and communicating with your team about your vision and expectations.


You cannot build something new if you are not going to tear down the old, existing space. The demolition process will depend on the range of your expectations and visions.

Rebuilding or Framing

Your contractors will be rebuilding or framing your structure or foundation, largely following what is duly planned.

Fixing Systems

This step includes the overall systems around your home, including your mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Everything that requires going under the floors or behind your walls or ceilings is also completed in this stage, including the plumbing systems of your kitchen. Remodeling in Colleyville, TX, requires more than just the basics. This step requires considerable knowledge about all the systems.


The systems, after being accomplished, come to the construction of your walls, making sure that every surface is smoothly sanded and smoothed. They will be ready for priming, painting, and finishing.


Contractors usually wait for the walls to be completely done before starting your flooring system. Make sure that you have discussed with your team your preferred materials for your floor.


Your furniture and appliances will be put into place. If you have changed your mind about having top-class cabinetry, inform your team.

Final Touches

The final step includes putting your accessories into place. Arts, add-ons, and wallpapers are all placed where they should be, and your team will give them another look or check if everything is working out fine.


To experience this process, entrust your home projects, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Colleyville, TX, to the top-rated Handy Gonzo Home Improvement. Call us, the best home improvement service provider, at 817-210-5933.