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About Us

The Builders of Your Visions into Reality

Handy Gonzo’s Home Improvements is home to Texas’ best designers, builders, and home remodeling contractors in Burleson, TX, and the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth Metropolitan Area. Equipped with the highest level of mastery in all aspects of home building, we have been in the home improvement industry since 1989. We are known for our excellence and unmatched services in all of Texas. And most importantly, our clients are aware that we treat every home project entrusted to us as our very own home.

Unmatched Level of Mastery

The undeniable results of our team’s world-class skills have brought us fame in all of Texas. Our clients know us better for our mastery in terms of innovativeness and creativity. We have countlessly provided personalized or custom-made designs for them, which became a unique focal point of their homes and a living imprint of our masterpieces.

Honesty and Transparency

It is our responsibility to provide a complete and detailed plan for our clients so they know and understand the process of our services. We understand that it is their right to know the results, and we will strive to provide them with complete transparency in all our work.

Dedication and Commitment

The product of our services sprung from our unwavering dedication and commitment as the leading home remodeling company in Burleson, TX. We follow through with what we have promised our clients with positivity and focused energy in accomplishing what we have set our goals to. You will always see our dedication and commitment to going the extra mile in everything we do.

Attention to Detail

Paired with our mastery and skills is our staff’s detail-orientedness. This quality of our team made us the first choice of clients when it comes to home improvements. Our keen eyes for the tiniest details made our works a living imprint of our craftsmanship.

Effective Communication Skills

Effectively communicating with our clients is also key to our success in providing the best services. We make our clients feel heard and valued, so we ask them beforehand about their preferences and styles. In that way, we can elaborately work on the project with clarity and a specific goal in mind.

Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction

We always see to it that after accomplishing the project and before leaving our client’s home, they have received 100% satisfaction. Our team aims to give surprises by going the extra mile to ensure that our clients are happy to receive what they rightfully deserve – the best results of what they have availed of and expected.